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Dr. Petra Bock

“We live in an era of complex challenges.  

So how can we attain our full human potential right now?"

The Coach

Dr. Petra Bock coaches and advises renowned companies and private clientele who aim to reach a new level of clarity, effectiveness, quality of life as well as success in a complex, dynamic world. Read more

The Author

Petra Bock writes bestsellers that are changing the lives of innumerable individuals. These multi-award winners are moving people around the world. Her books speak to readers in that unmistakable voice that one would presume to be “addictive.” They are personal, intimate and truly move their readers ahead. Read more

The Thinker

Dr. Petra Bock’s professional experience is built on transformation research. She has developed a groundbreaking human potential development theory and method. In appreciation for her work, she has received the highest category of coaching awards. Read more

The speaker

As a speaker, Dr. Petra Bock is in very high demand and she fascinates her audiences with her very own style of “new speaking.” The term “new speaking” refers to a style of presentation that reaches audiences in an authentic and credible way in these very challenging times. Read more

Her Personality

“When in doubt, freedom is more important to me than security or certainty.” Petra Bock considers herself a searcher and she comprehends her life as a free human being a great gift in our day and age that she wants to put to use and share with others. She approaches everything she does with vigorous enthusiasm; she loves to laugh and enjoy. To write her books, she travels to the world’s most magnificent places. Read more

Her Academy

The Dr. Bock Coaching Akademie founded by Dr. Petra Bock is a pioneering institution and an elite think tank in the human skills field. It is one of the leading training and advanced education institutions for professional coaching in Europe. Read more (further information only in German)


News and events with Dr. Petra Bock

Media: “EMOTION” Magazine – “Why you should celebrate who you are!”

In the special edition “EMOTION.coach”, Dr. Petra Bock describes in an interview the title of which translates as “You can do it!” why good goals must reconcile your head and your gut and how you can overcome inner setbacks and reach your goals.


*only in German

“100 Questions” new edition

It was out of stock for a long time but now the new edition of Petra Bock’s book the title of which translates as “100 Questions About Your Life: Recognize Your True Goals and Desires” will hit the shelves on February 1st, 2018. Let yourself be inspired by this valuable book with plenty of space for reflection and for you to jot down your own thoughts.

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*only in German

MINDFUCK hits the shelves in Japan!

127 million more people can now benefit from Dr. Petra Bock’s international bestseller in their native tongue and they too can discover why we sabotage ourselves and what we can do about it.

International Editions