The parallel world in our heads
Movie - What is MINDFUCK?

The term MINDFUCK refers to thoughts and feelings we use to sabotage ourselves every single day. Those are thoughts and feelings that cause us – based on the same fears and doubts – to make ourselves feel smaller than we are, to have not enough confidence in our own or others’ abilities or indulge in other thinking patterns that cause us to chronically pull ourselves down and keep us far from reaching our full potential.

The Mindfuck books

However, there is a way out of all this. MINDFUCK® is the award-winning method developed by Petra Bock that will help you understand these patterns, to overcome them and finally reach the potential concealed behind it all. Discover a new world inside of you and approach all areas of your life from this new angle. Do it to attain a new level of freedom you have never known before and achieve self-effectiveness, success and joie de vivre.