Books by Dr. Petra Bock

"One of Germany’s most successful coaches" (Knaur)

“These books are addictive,” readers confirm.
Reap the benefits of one of Germany’s most successful coaches treasure chest of knowledge.

MINDFUCK - The book

The one that started it all. The classic. The international bestseller. If you want to arrive at a completely understanding of your life and want to improve it – start here. To attain a new dimension of freedom, effectiveness and quality of life. Read more

MINDFUCK. The coaching manual - The book

The workbook and in-depth self-coaching textbook. Contains numerous exercises and the three-step-technique that is simple and effective at the same time so that you can overcome roadblocks on your own. Read more

MINDFUCK. Love - The book

The perfect read for you if you are looking for a new dimension of fulfillment in love. Regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship; leave frustration behind and experience the perhaps most beautiful thing that happens in life from a new perspective. Many read this book together as a couple. Read more

MINDFUCK. Job - The book

Get your career up to full speed now! Overcome MINDFUCKs and experience a new dimension of success and quality of life. Packed with practical lessons so that you can enjoy true success right away. The trainer book of the year. Read more

The art of finding one’s calling

Wouldn’t it be magnificent if we could spend our productive time in life doing things we really want to do? If you want to achieve that, it’s time to find your own calling. This book will show you how. Read more

100 questions that will change your life. Get to know yourself thoroughly and dig deeply to find out what is truly important to you. New edition just published (February 2018)! Read more

Take the money and enjoy it

Time to finally establish a healthy relationship with money! Build the kind of prosperity that truly fits your personality. A classic that will teach you, make you think and prompt you to finally do things differently. It has already changed many lives. Read more